Friday, July 06, 2007

My _VIMRC file for PL/SQL Development

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Please find the file here

I tried to paste the contents here but somehow all words enclosed in the <> gets removed. So I uploaded it as file.

Note :
whenever we save file in VIM , a copy is created with filename~,
by default it is in the same directory from where original file is opened. To put all such backup files in specific dir create desired dir and set it as below

set bdir=c:\\vim\\temp
I have commented this line in the file cause if this line is not commented and this directory is not present, VIM can not save files.
So if you want to enable this feature first you need to create this dirctory.

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brussel said...

This file you say you made available isn't obviously available. Could you provide a link?

Sanjeev Sapre said...

The line

"Please find the file here"

does contain the download link. If you click on the word FIND you can download the file.



Harika said...

I have used this code for generating multiple sheets.

The code worked fine but i am facing problem with restricting the coulmns.

Excel is generating upto 10 columns only from my table.

Could you please tell me what can i do to get more columns into excel sheet?

Harika said...


please give me reply. this is littile bit urgent.

Thanks in advance.

Sanjeev Sapre said...

Thanks Harika for using my code.

I am not clear on the exact problem you have mentioned.

Could you please elaborate more.

For policy reasons I can not access my blog from office but I can access gmail. So I suggest you to drop me the details on That way I can reply quickly.


Zoey said...

Well said.